The game

Eye of the Beholder for the C64 is an unofficial fan-related version of the classic role playing game.

Let’s talk about extra features:

quickstart game with a default party
flash and disk save option
open help screen by pressing “H”
show the map by pressing “M”
display a bestiary by pressing “B”

… and additional features for C128 users:

2MHz support by pressing “F3”
dual-screen for displaying the map in realtime

System requirements:

  • Commodore 64 or 128
  • Easyflash cartridge
    (or equivalent hardware like 1541 Ultimate 2+)
  • 1351 mouse on Port II is highly recommended
    (or compatible mouse/adapter)
  • 1541/1571 disk drive is recommended for multiple game saves
    (highly recommended when using Easyflash alternatives)
  • C128 only: 2nd monitor for RGB output is recommended

For more info please check out the NOTES

Download and project links:


Trademark and intellectual property of the Eye of the Beholder series are owned by Wizards of the Coast LLC.

Unfortunately we could not manage to receive a licence for this port and it is not fully covered by the WotC open licence, which prevents any distribution in a commercial manner. So decision has been made to provide the Commodore 64 version as open source to the C64 community.

Given this situation, we recommend purchasing the original version, which is currently available on GOG and Steam as part of
“Forgotten Realms: The Archives – Collection One”.
You not only support the rights holder and their sales partners, but also receive the instructions and the clue book for the game.