Common infos:

  • title screen “F1”: check mouse option
    there are two speed modes available
  • USB or PS/2 mouse: 1600 dpi max is recommended
  • JiffyDOS should work, but standard C64 is recommended
    (Dolphin DOS does not work with the game)
  • Easyflash alternatives (eg. 1541U2+, FPGA C64):
    Cartridge save is usually not fully supported,
    so please attach a separate d64-Image for game saves
  • Flash save has been successfully tested with:
    • Easyflash 1 and 3
    • VICE emulator 3.x
    • Kung-Fu-Flash
    • Sidekick64: please use current firmware update

Commodore 64:

  • Mouse support was tested with Commodore 1351,
    Micromys and Tom2X adapter

Commodore 128:

  • C128 VDC: 16kb and 64kb variant works with live map
  • C128 + Easyflash/Easyflash3: Turbo mode works
  • C128 + Sidekick64: Turbo mode works
  • C128 + 1541 Ultimate II+: Turbo mode does not work
  • Turbo Chameleon: Turbo mode does not work

VICE 3.x emulator

  • Windows: Screen scaling does not work well with VICE
    Windows 11: GTKVice is recommended
  • set keyboard settings to “Positional”
  • set control port II to 1351 mouse
    It is still necessary to “Grab mouse events”
    keyboard shortcut depends on VICE version (i.e. ALT-Q or ALT-M)
  • cartridge/IO settings – Easyflash
    “Save CRT on detach” should be active
  • C128 emulation:
    dual screen output works, so realtime live map can be used,
    turbo mode works


  • TheC64 (maxi/full scale version): The game runs fine,
    slightly slow cartridge access
  • TheC64 mini: not recommended unfortunately,
    slow cartridge access, sporadic stability issues
  • Firmware 1.6.1 required for mouse controls 
  • CJM-file next to the CRT-file required
    (the file is provided with the game)
  • The file-save options are not supported by TheC64,
    please use snapshot function for game saves

Ultimate 64

  • “C128 Turbo Mode” works
  • separate d64-Image for game saves is recommended


  • set Pot options to Mouse 
  • Turbo mode 2x works
  • the C64 core does not support Easyflash saves,
    separate d64-Image for game saves is required